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A World Class Recording and Production studio built by musicians for musicians.

Creator of Drumusic Studios in Houston and keyboardist of Texas’ premier Reggae and World Rhythm band D.R.U.M, Anura Neysadurai brings his passion for music and more than 20 years of working in the American music industry, to Singapore.

Situated in an arts hub in Singapore’s east, Spectrum Audio is a studio that is designed to deliver a full musical spectrum of audio services. From the initial conceptualization of your music, to composing, arranging and producing your creations, Spectrum Audio can deliver the highest sound quality in recording, mixing and mastering of your musical masterpiece. Your hit single starts here!

Music Recording Studio, Music Production Studio Singapore


The role of a great music production studio is pivotal when it comes to creating great music and songs. Every famous song has a story behind it and a part of that story will be based on how the song was recorded in the studio. Therefore, you can easily gauge the importance of the Music Recording Studio if you want to create songs that will stand the test of time. At Spectrum Audio, we are helping music creators in creating legendary songs that will be remembered forever in our state-of-the-art Music Production Studio Singapore. If you are music creator and want to record your composition in a breath-taking way then come to Spectrum Audio at once.
Top-Class Infrastructure
When you are selecting a music studio for your song recording, you need to check the infrastructure of the studio. The studio needs to have certain types of equipment and tools that will facilitate the recording in a holistic way. With Spectrum Audio, you are getting a cutting studio for your music recording in Singapore. We have created a world-class infrastructure that will allow you will all the facilities you want to record your songs in the best possible way. Spectrum Audio is taking the compositions of the music creators to another level with the cutting infrastructure in our music studio.
Support from the Experienced Professionals

While recording your songs, you want tech support from the experienced and professional experts who can handle the equipment with prowess. Spectrum Audio has a group of sound engineers who can help you in a comprehensive way while recording your song and music. At our Music Recording Studio, you will get the experience of recording your songs like nowhere else. We will give you all the support you need to record a song or musical composition that will achieve great accolades from everywhere.

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Do you want to record your songs and music compositions in the best Music Production Studio Singapore? Get in touch with us at Spectrum Audio. We are helping artists and music creators in Singapore to record their works as they have never done it before. Our state-of-the-art facility and complete support will be pivotal in making your recording experience outstanding. We are helping musicians in recording their works for multiple years and like all the other clients we helped, after working with Spectrum Audio, you will feel satisfied and happy.

Who We Are

We are an international team of musicians, music producers, engineers and songwriters who all share a passion for music. Our primary team is based in Singapore and Houston with partnerships and collaborations with musicians of all types from all over the world.

Singapore team

Anura Neysadurai

Founder – Producer – Engineer – Pianist

Roshni Selvam

Owner – Studio Manager